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A rhyme about wanting who you cannot have.


Every time I'm in her presence,

it's not enough to just be flirtatious and playful,

my hands just want to caress her,

she is so curvaceous and tasteful.

She wets my appetite,

the way she struts her stuff,

five foot nothing,

all substance, no fluff.

With her charisma and her sultry allure,

she has me desiring to explore,

every facet of her beauty.

Every wrinkle, every contour,

everything that makes her who she is.

From her successes as an entrepreneur,

to her exploits as a provocateur.

I must say,

I truly adore,

her not so innocent persona.

She a bad bit**, a hot lil mama,

far from a pretentious prima donna.

She grown and sexy in every way imaginable,

got me thinking about ecstatic endeavors,

one would think to be unfathomable.

Sex on the beach,

aint even the tip of where our passion would reach.

I'm talking mile high adventures,

mind blowing thirst quenchers,


in the resevoir of her desires,


like uncontrollable wild fires.

When I'm with her,

my bodys temperature rises,

she gets my blood flowing,

he can't hide behind disguises,

the closer she gets,

the more my passion arises.

And as our bodies connect,

there's a complementing of sizes.

We fit like a nice pair of jeans,

comfy but snug,

the ecstasy is for real,

she a psychedelic drug.

Or Is this just a hallucination?

Is she just a figment of my imagination?

Or is it,

that she has the genes I desire,

to evoke this adulation?!

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