Don’t Leap
Don’t Leap blind stories

carlo Community member
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Don’t Leap

I feel like everything is closing in. I can't breath, I can't think. I feel like this battle I'm losing. My ship is about to sink. I don't belong here. I can do so much better for myself. For me! I'm drowning. Trying to reach out but no one there to save me.

I all of a sudden find myself with no desire to be saved. I'm on the ledge about to be free. As all I was in this life was nothing more than a slave. As I'm about to leap I hear this angelic voice from behind. "Please don't jump" he cries out. Struggling to reach out to me, as this young man was blind. "How could you possibly know what I was going to do?”

"I can sense and feel your fear my love, the same fear I lived with too. Not to long ago I was gonna jump too. Believe me love, the darkness you feel will go away. The darkness I see is forever. Please don't leap”.

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