Void? (by ... ah, see next slide. Press anywhere!)

(by ... ah, see next slide. Press anywhere!) writing stories

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Everything is new and good; but the new is not new and the good not good.

Void? (by ... ah, see next slide. Press anywhere!)

by carlafischer (Aaah! There ya!)

Notice anything?

Right! There is no background. Not really, at least.

This I have done so that you can read the text and feel comf

...sorry! There are still so few characters available for the main text, hence the interruption. My apologies, also, that the supportive text now might appear on the next slide, nicely separated

from where it belongs. Huh? Gosh! That was the next slide!

OK, back to the point. I can manage the main text/ supportive text thing for you, simply by concocting my text thus that words and sentences flow nicely.

What I cannot do is stopping the background from moving.

I can only achieve the effect of a static background if I opt for a solid colour. This way the whole concept here is screwed up, sure. But at least you can read comfortably again.

Cinema anyone? Movies are made for the canvas.

Where scenes are set to motion.

But words are made for paper. They are written.

Not set to motion. They are static. And they must remain static.

Why? They shall ignite a thought.

And this thought shall move your mind. Make you think. Make you feel what thinking unleashes. This is the magical power of words, whether spoken or written.

Words don't need motion. Words don't move.

(No supporting text need be typed here.)

Words make motion. And the video is inside your head!

You thus don't need backgrounds. The universe gave you fantasy. And imagination. And reason.

So, I try harder to find the words that move your mind best.

All by themselves. All on their own. I'll give my forehead a clap, To find the right words, And phrases, And terms.

You create the backgrounds in your mind.

And fill the void. And close the gap.—

http://carlafischer.tumblr.com (Of course, I do not remove pictures there or elsewhere. :D) [And should the link above not work any longer: Don't wonder!]

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