It's All in Your H [e|a] [a|n] d
It's All in Your H [e|a] [a|n] d cleverness stories

carlafischerAuthoress · System programmer
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Make it right! Learn about the building blocks of peace, freedom, and love and take the low-energy approach! (As any particle in this universe.) ;)

It's All in Your H [e|a] [a|n] d

by carlafischer

All things start small. All without exception.

But the most phenomenal, monumental, and mighty...

...start unremarkably, inconsiderably, and inconspicuously.

Living in quarrel is full of stress. It requires a concept.

Strategies, plans, procedures, thorough organization—

And gigantic resources: It wastes energy, time, heartbeats:

And lives!

In contrast, living peacefully in coexistence just requires:

A more reasonable thought.

A smile, if in passing.

And a smidgeon of respect.

Giving a thing a quick thought in a moment of quietude... sufficient to start a revolution.

So do not waste your energy. Just think about it—

And let it happen.—

— Carla Fischer, “From My Pencil Case”

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