It's All in Your H [e|a] [a|n] d

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Make it right! Learn about the building blocks of peace, freedom, and love and take the low-energy approach! (As any particle in this universe.) ;)

It's All in Your H [e|a] [a|n] d

by carlafischer

All things start small. All without exception.

But the most phenomenal, monumental, and mighty...

...start unremarkably, inconsiderably, and inconspicuously.

Living in quarrel is full of stress. It requires a concept.

Strategies, plans, procedures, thorough organization—

And gigantic resources: It wastes energy, time, heartbeats:

And lives!

In contrast, living peacefully in coexistence just requires:

A more reasonable thought.

A smile, if in passing.

And a smidgeon of respect.

Giving a thing a quick thought in a moment of quietude... sufficient to start a revolution.

So do not waste your energy. Just think about it—

And let it happen.—

— Carla Fischer, “From My Pencil Case”

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@bernardtwindwil Thanks for stopping by and dropping your thoughts and, of course, your following me! :) Wonderful to meet such nice people here. Yes, this little piece here got quite multilayered, although I started with a single idea. When I was finished I felt I had nested some related thoughts into the main theme---fingers crossed that my bracketing them would work out. So, I am really glad you like it! :) That aside, you are right on the importance of those messages; and the best thing is that everyone can start to move things in the right direction simply by doing in everyday life: Thinking, being friendly and respectful ... it really works and is so easy! It does not even cost a thing. And everyone's so-doing is a drop in the ocean of humanity that shall surround the island of mankind. Whereas we, the women and men of our time, probably just see dry land, still, our children of a remote future might watch the sun rising over that clear blue ocean whose waters clash at the shores of their generation.

bernardtwindwilGranddad & story teller,
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This was som well written that it brought forth your main theme by leading the reader through the smaller, but, just as important messages. This is a marvelous piece of writing and conveys on of the most important messages of ou time.

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@chromium Awww, awesome comment you wrote, thank you so much! And even more for the follow! :)

chromiumI like to think I'm amazing
a year agoReply
ahh beautifulll. touching on so many really wonderful topics!