## Very difficult to read

## Very difficult to read

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Some insight into my everyday life. Not as difficult as it seems to be---so I hope. :)

## Very difficult to read

by Carla Fischer

"Assembly is obscure to many of today’s programmers—

it’s very difficult to read, intended to be easily understood by computers, not humans. For the Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC), MIT programmers wrote ...

... thousands of lines of that esoteric code."


Huh?—Esoteric? Assembly is clear as day!

So either I am as obscure—or not human. :D (Or simply out of time?)

I guess many things went wrong with me.

All my flaws aside, I was probably even born at the wrong time. They had assembly and that was normal and now this is called esoteric.

And I am sitting here, reviving that wonderful flower ...

... while others delve in JavaScript for the truth of our era.

I am hopelessly hooked on the wrong tune. :(

(Or heading 200 km/h in the wrong lane.)


## OK, this was bad.


## OK, worse.


## Hmmm ... :?

Yo, then—three types of characters inside of me, eh?

1: It is the active manipulation to stay inside the loop ...

... that makes the crank, this ingenious deed that simply turns out to be that endless blunder created under the illusion of a masterplan: It looks fantastic—but it's a mess!

2: Just a careless thing done *before* stepping ...

... into the process, a thing of that kind like: "I have put everything in readiness, now on to it!"—but something is still missing.

3: Just bold doing without thinking altogether:

Simply thinking to think and relying on that does not make a thought.

OK, I admit:

That *is* esoteric. :)))

— Carla Fischer, “From My Pencil Case” http://carlafischer.de/en/

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