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Some tiny notes on a big friendship.

This is Grace

by carlafischer

The day was wonderful, warm, nice—quiet.

I did not do much, my usual midday run aside (---> this is where I laid my business today).

Grace was busy, anyway.

She enjoyed the sunshine, played in the garden—

Followed me on a little walk in the afternoon—

Then continued with her playing. She managed her day all by herself.

It is 9.40 pm now. This photo I took about eight, soon after we had supper. She has not moved since. I think she’s happy.

Grace is my beloved companion, my travelling companion.

She is always at my side, on my side; we walk side by side, day by day: Hence we are on the safe side of life.

The happy side, the real side: Of true friendship.

I think I’m blessed.—

—Carla Fischer

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