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Beyond the end: Commaful postscript the eighth (A wake-up call).


If you live near: An air force base. An industrial park. A power plant. An urban centre. In an area of agricultural importance. Or even in the only city of a remote section of your country:

You are a primary strategic target.

Thus, somewhere in this world, there is a missile aimed at you. It is armed constantly and in steady readiness to lift off. And it carries a high-end thermonuclear warhead constructed intentionally to kill you.

You are held at gunpoint every single day of your life by every country in this world possessing these weapons as well as their allies supporting them. And it might very well be your own country doing this.

They tell you these weapons were ingenious devices that keep and protect peace, freedom, and democracy. They tell you they had these weapons under strict control and they were safe. And they tell you they only were made to deter, never to be used.

Don't you believe it!

These weapons are holocaust machines, ingeniously designed for combat to kill absolutely.

Administrations lie to you. They blackmail you. And they do so with your admittance. Stop letting this happen! How?

Inform yourself. Contact organisations fighting the ignorance of those thinking nuclear deterrence is a political option. Write protest letters to your administration. Join the crowds demonstrating in the streets.

Whatever you do, however you do it:

Stop to consent!


—Carla Fischer (2018)

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