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carlafischer Authoress · System programmer
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Beyond the end: Forget about lost job opportunities, rejections, and other such things. Each loss gives you more power! Commaful postscript the seventh.


T-20 years: “Dear Ms Fischer, Thank you for sending over your manuscript. Unfortunately, after thorough consideration, we cannot currently add your work to our publishing programme [ ... ] ”

T-15 years: “Dear Ms Fischer, Thank you for your interest in our company and your application. To our regret, we cannot offer you a position at this time [ ... ] ”

T-10 years: “Dear Ms Fischer, Thank you for your proposal and your interest in cooperating with us. Regrettably, we have decided to go with another firm for this project [ ... ] ”

T-n days: So—they do not want me in their teams. They do not want to publish my works. And they do not give me order to program their systems.


I'm on my very own now. I have both my hands and none to lend. I am free, finally! Better they take GOOD shelter:

While they were rejecting, I have made: 1000 MT of skill knowledge experience and strongest will ready to exPLOde!

The fireball of such a gadget exploding can be seen from space, its detonation registered allover the world, and it's blast will blow these rejection guys' windows out!

What is your yield?—

—Carla Fischer (2018)

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