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Beyond the end: Commaful postscript the fourth.


You need be strong, they say.

You need to carry on, they say.

Chin up! Try hard! And if you fail: Try harder!

Be brave, work hard: And you'll be rewarded. There's no reason to cry: So go on, make your day!

Now, I tell you what:

F*** 'EM ALL!!

If you think you are weak: So be weak. If you feel you're all sad: Shed your tears. If you need to quit: Throw it down.

And if you have tried, have failed, all is lost, and you are the looser: So be it!

Only the secured whose feet are caressed by the lovely shore's quartz can cheer on those with good advice who are drowning out in the grand wide blue of the cruel ocean. And the more they do the less they needed to swim in their lives.

But there is no bravery without cowardice. No success without failure. No happiness without sadness. No hope without loss. And not even laughter without tears.

Always listen to yourself.

And yourself ALONE!—

—Carla Fischer (2018)

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