The Mediocrity Sink
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carlafischerAuthoress · System programmer
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Interrupting my own flow–to face to-day's backstage of creativity. :|

The Mediocrity Sink

by carlafischer

Once I thought, The information age, Would pave my way,

I thought information, Would help me, In making my day.

This seemed to work out. At glance.

But the more information I get, The more I can take part: The smaller I feel, The stronger my feeling I fall.

And the more I get stuck, In the impertinent thought, I cannot succeed, Not at all.

While I might have been special, Two decades or so ago,

I am now a grain of sand, on the wide beach:

Of other people, And projects, And posts– Of live streams, And feeds, And digital shows.

I am going under as bit, In any such cluster I fit–

–Carla Fischer »From My Pencil Case«

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