The Haunting Tale of Little Lady Abbey
The Haunting Tale of 
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A teaser—a trailer—a present: To all friends of fine horror stories—and black cats. :)

The Haunting Tale of Little Lady Abbey

A horror short story by carlafischer

It appears to me ...

... as some of the strangest and most horrid sort of phantasm still, even now that everything is over. So far something can be over.

Can we fall asleep much longer than a day?

I do not really find relief in the momentum of that idea, nor could any other assumption help me in overcoming the very dreadfulness of the latest chapter of my life I am now to close forever.

Abbey is the centre of my life ...

... my love, my world, the whole universe as it is known to me and she will be, always. From the first moment on, she was not just a lovely girl. She was a princess.

Abbey was a remarkably quiet ...

... and uncomplicated baby. She soon was able to speak. She learned quickly and was a happy, beautiful child with greatest interest in animals, especially cats, gardening, and the weather.

Abbey’s smile was delightful.

It was like sunshine to my soul. Both our lives were filled with the purest, finest happiness one could imagine for the next few years that passed.

But it should not last for very much longer ...

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