Flower for an Old Cowboy
Flower for an Old Cowboy limerick stories

carlafischerAuthoress · System Programmer
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A present, dedicated to a creative mind residing in an organ sitting between two ears in a head carried by a wise man dubbing himself an—“Old Cowboy”. :)

Flower for an Old Cowboy

by carlafischer

A man with pen, paper, and glasses, They call him the man from Lampasas,

One day hit the road, And was hit by a note, To write down some lines for the masses.

That note had been struck, which is funny, By humour—what luck!—on the dunny.

There he picked up the thread, For a poem, to clad,

His thoughts (to whatever devoted),

In the rhymes he so artfully noted.—

— Carla Fischer carlafischer.tumblr.com

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