Flower for an Old Cowboy

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A present, dedicated to a creative mind residing in an organ sitting between two ears in a head carried by a wise man dubbing himself an—“Old Cowboy”. :)

Flower for an Old Cowboy

by carlafischer

A man with pen, paper, and glasses, They call him the man from Lampasas,

One day hit the road, And was hit by a note, To write down some lines for the masses.

That note had been struck, which is funny, By humour—what luck!—on the dunny.

There he picked up the thread, For a poem, to clad,

His thoughts (to whatever devoted),

In the rhymes he so artfully noted.—

— Carla Fischer carlafischer.tumblr.com

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carlafischerBronze CommaAuthoress · System Programmer
a year agoReply
@sydney Yes!! As everything that comes from heart, made by one's his or her own hands. {I am not too bad at some decent poetry---I hope at least, but these things truly 'hit' me all of a sudden and I am able to note them in ink---so this is one of the things I _can_ do---and so do. [However, I can also make cakes of all kind, gingerbread, cookies, and other treats so, people in my direct reach 'suffer' from that once in a while, too :)) ]} Some (philosophical) chords? :) 1: Humour aside, this 'that comes from heart' I mean in quite direct a way since, when one puts her or his mind on something to make, heartbeats are spent. About 60 per minute or so. Most people do not think about that. Sure, when do we feel our hearts beating? Seldom. Alas, they beat continuously, all the time! Fascinating! Therefore, it is important _what_ we do at any one instant. This, because once a heartbeat is 'released' it fades away---and will never come back. -- -- I thus cannot imagine my heartbeats spent better in some doing that makes another one happy in some, sometimes peculiar, way; and I am so happy that this obviously worked out. :) 2: Another thing connected with my present that 'hits' me is the fact how lifelines go run when it comes to things as they happen in the universe. The “Old Cowboy”: He talks of hippiedom in the mid-1960ies, for instance. Wow! That's quite a long time ago with me not in the universe's timeline. Back then, could he think of the possibility that he would once receive a short poem, written by someone else who had to be born a decade or so later first, in a remote future where he would communicate over a worldwide network that still had to be invented? No! And me: Could I think as a child of the hot summer day when I would pen these verses to send them over to _this_ very person, as a present, after reading a limerick of his before? No! What webs of threads of things evolve here? Wow! 3: Oh, all my writing---occupational illness. :D

sydneyVerifiedco-creator of Commaful
a year agoReply
Awww this is amazing. No better present than a poem!!

carlafischerBronze CommaAuthoress · System Programmer
a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil My very pleasure!!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
a year agoReply
You have choked me up and brought tears to my eyes. This mean so much to me. I am honored beyond words.

carlafischerBronze CommaAuthoress · System Programmer
a year agoReply
@bernardtwindwil Some facts in the description above I derived from various pieces of your writing. You know that one old cowboy? ;) Some limerick 'hit' him lately, he said, and, alas, this piece of mine here hit me today, on the road by that, when I was on my daily 2 miles run (in the hot summer sun). And, probably---with this one flower---you have some fun. :)