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A line is not a circle until it closes up with itself.

All Good Things

Gentle Readers: Due to the most recent changes applied to this platform, I need, to my regret, retreat.

Over more than a year, this place was a wonderful home of the idea to combine words and graphics in an intuitive way and I made use of it. Still, this should be possible. And to all new to Commaful, I am sure a similar feeling will evolve.

Those acquainted with the platform who have seen all its evolution, however, might concur with my thinking that most of the platform's old soul has gone and will, to my belief and knowledge of the industry, never come back. This is the more intuitive side of the coin.

There are technical facts, too, that urge me to make rough cuts. Some, although not all, of my stories needed considerable reworking to accommodate for the new strict viewports, the lighter uni-size font, cropped background graphics, and many other little details.

In the end, bringing new pieces from idea over draft to their final form here, should turn out to be even more elaborate an undertaking than before, despite all new and good features. So, in the end, it presumably would be easier to go for some of the fuzzy backgrounds, a solid colour (as I have used here) or nothing at all.

All in all, it would be very sad should my decision make me miss all you readers I gained here but, I hope you understand that I feel no longer comfortable with the platform. I feel it has become some subtle form of a stop-motion Youtube master channel. I do not dislike its implementation. I deeply regret its overall shift in design from special to mainstream. I am not mainstream and thus...

And there is always fine print to consider. Legally, the, albeit usual, type of licence transfer of content, or Media as it is called in the agreement respectively, and the irrevocable nature of this transfer makes me look with more and more worrying an eye on the whole scene.

I do not know how many users really read licence agreements but, licence transfers should always be revocable or, depending on the matter, limited in time. Although I now can find a way for deleting stories, passages of the document most important to creators are still too strict to my liking . So ...

I am going to continue to publish stories on the web since I like the idea but, I think it is wiser to opt for simple HTML/CSS-based approaches of presentation. Such form indeed does not have so many goodies, bells, and whistles, not so nice social functions and the like; but the data format is open, consistent, and—most importantly!—persistent over time:

I format and publish once—and can rely on the fact that what I see and dub as fine I am going to see alike as years go by plus, I have fuller (or even complete) control over licensing issues. That aside, I think the good old combination of an own homepage and e-mail account will survive the most radical vision of change.

I would like to thank Commaful for providing this platform and I am sure one less user will not hurt. Over all, I would like to thank Sydney, for the wonderful contact, long and amazing chats; a holiday video; the love and passion he has poured into his work; his support; and his very commitment to his project. Thank You! I hope we can part with as much grace.

I will keep my account here for the time being and leave the posts so far, given admins might find an asset in them. However, existing stories I will not review and new stories I will not post here. Please refer to the entry of my homepage at: for news and stories.

Thank you all for your understanding. I hope we will stay in touch. And should these be the last words of mine you will read: Become who you are, may you never lose your grip; live your vision—be original! All my love, from the bottom of the bottom of my heart!! Ever Yours, Carla


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