Of Problems and Questions

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Never be misled: Life per se is easy, it is the most precious gift, and will be—ever! The rest is all in our heads—

Of Problems and Questions

by carlafischer

Life, then. What is life?

In the most abstract sense, life is any ongoing self-supporting, not necessarily self-aware, but always self-replicating, process that continues for its own sake. Thus easy. Thus easy?


This is the mechanism, the principle, the one and only plan of the universal essence in all and everything alive. Even if you created artificial life forms, this simple plan would be your plot.

Life starts— It continues— It ends. Thus simple.

Nothing you can do to change this procedure. And this—this is the ace up your sleeve! The ace that comes for free! Just play that trump and win the trick!


Just trust in life!

Life does all for you: It lets you breathe, your heart beat; it lets you think, it lets you act—everything! You need not follow any plan, procedures, step-by-step instructions.

But! There are people—

People who tell you life was complicated, complex, a burden—a mess. They tell you of fate, of pain, of misery; of hate, of misfortune—all that. They tell you of problems. Now—be precise!

This is not life. This is not your game.

Why? As simple: These people neither talk about problems nor deal with them. Of course, there are problems in life. Which? As easy: Any condition that threathens life. These are problems:

Lost limbs—

Lung cancer—


The list is endless! These are problems. Got the idea?

Not all do. They conjure you to believe:

In »problems« such as heartache, lost profits, stolen goods and chattels; lost opportunities, or lost jobs; that this or that does not work out, that future is a whole dark veil of doom. Well—

All these hassles do exist—

But they are not problems.

These are questions. Just that. Questions.

Some are interesting, some are not. Some are simple, some are complex. Some can be answered, some cannot. But it is all the same: They are all questions. So, never let people mislead you!

Life does not fuck anyone. Life just goes on.

Those are fucking themselves who believe anything abstract would commit that shameless deed. They commit it all on their own. OR: They let others do it! But life just goes on. So what?


Never trust anyone who believes life is a synonym for burden. Never give up reason, never stop thinking. Never pray you might not wake up again. Take your chance. Take your breath. Take care.

When you encounter a problem: Hold the line—

Hold the line until relief arrives!

And when you encounter a question: Face the challenge—


— Carla Fischer carlafischer.tumblr.com

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@bernardtwindwil Taking offense? I? Nah! I love disagreement, it is the initial momentum of thought. Without it, there would be no contrasts and, threfore, creativity had lost its source. Thanks for your comment!!

bernardtwindwilGold CommaGranddad & story teller, tomthepo8.com
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You just made my evening. I have a point of disagreement. Life is hard and sometimes fatal. So keep your head out of your ass. Another thing I used to say to those I mentored, That which does not kill, nourishes. I absolutely with no equivocation, other than the aforementioned, love this post. I am totally smitten with the way you think. Don't take offense, please.