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Or 'See That the Summer's Come' &c was initially written as a song in 2003, being subject to minor revisions in June 2017. Image from ca. 2003.

Now That the Summer's Come

Babe, where’s your smile?

Don’t be a melancholy child,

Can’t you see

That the summer’s come?

Stuck in your room,

With your winter curtains drawn,

While the suburbs

Are all bathed in sun,

No more wintertime lows,

Only joy now because

We can shake off the blues,

There’s no time to lose,

We can go for a cruise

Down the Thames or down the Ouse,

Or just snooze

Under summer sun,

Find a village green,

Watch some cricket, take some tea,

As you please,

Summer’s made for fun,

Get some sweet summer air,

Feel the breeze in your hair,

Forget that sad old romance,

He’s not worth all the tears,

Cast your cares on me,

I can set you free,

Don’t let me wait too long,

Summer will soon be gone.

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