Your "30-Second" Pitch. Step-by-Step.
Your  "30-Second" Pitch.  
Step-by-Step. sales stories

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Do you have a 30-second elevator pitch in your "back-pocket" ready to go? If not, try this.

Your "30-Second" Pitch. Step-by-Step.

by Denise Anne Taylor aka CAREERMEDIC™

What is a 30-Second Pitch?

ELEVATOR PITCH. Think about the last time you rode on an elevator. Can you pitch yourself, your idea, or your product to generate enough interest in the time it takes to ride an elevator?

Step 1: Who are you?

IMPACT. Be clear. Are you an inventor that can diagnose autism by examining 3D images of the human eye? A simple sentence that engages the listener about who you are...

Step 2: What do you do?

IDENTITY. Why should they care? Does your product make a global impact? Are you reversing the aging process? Are you a sales superstar? It has to be HUGE. Grab their attention.

Step 3: What makes you different?

VALUE PROPOSITION. 2 or 3 key skills or features that will allow someone to determine the value of your offering. Avoid being all things to all people; zero in on memorable key benefits.

Step 4: What do you need to get there?

THE ASK. A call to action. Leverage what you don't have; to get what you want. Communicate what you need early. Where are you going? Be targeted and focused.

Record Your Pitch.

PRACTICE. Once you have crafted your "elevator" pitch it is important to practice. Record yourself. People will invest in you! Project confidence, passion, and enthusiasm in your pitch.

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