5 Traits of a "High Value" Employee...Is this You?
5 Traits of a "High Value" Employee...Is this You? inspiration stories

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The "High Value" employee. Do you have any of these 5 traits?

5 Traits of a "High Value" Employee...Is this You?

by Denise Anne Taylor aka CAREERMEDIC™

Timing is Everything.

High Value Employees have a plan. Time passes quickly. They master their time versus becoming hijacked by the ebb and flow of random circumstances. They map out a clear strategy.

The Light Switch is Always "On".

High Value Employees do not have an "off' switch. They always find a way to keep moving forward. Every moment is a chance to make a positive impact.


High Value Employees take action. They are continually aware and do not have a mentality of "It's not my job." or "Somebody else will do it.". They DO NOT hesitate. Do it. Get it Done.

It's About Solutions.

High Value Employees embrace obstacles. They ignore the noise. The focus is on the solution by either finding a "way" or taking steps to "make a way" to the desired result.

All "In".

High Value Employees, care. They speak up. They ask questions. They are curious. They realize results count . They are FOCUSED on DOING versus not trying. They are ALL "In".

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