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Spoilers for COG:

Summary: After Leta’s death Theseus is not taking it well but he does not show it. Newt is there though to help.


It all happened so fast. The fire, the screams of her, his brother grabbing him and getting out of there then more fire.

Why does this world hurt him so? Ever since the war up to this point and yet it has. The world has so much hurt and pain.

Theseus Scamander sighed heavily and sat down with a sad and tired noise. His brother looked at him with worry but also shock and sadness in his green-blue eyes.

"Are you ok brother," Newton Artemis-Fido Scamander asked his older brother not meeting his eyes as usual.

Theseus looked up from the ground and smiled a little, but Newt saw something in his brother's eyes. "I'm............I'm.........." Newt cut off and held his side.

Theseus stood up fast and looked at his brother.

"Brother?" Theseus asked with pain in his voice. Newt did not know if it was from Leta dying or it was for him. Newt did not know for he is not good at this kind of stuff.

"Are you hurt?" Theseus asked trying to keep his voice steady. 'If Newt was hurt. I don't even know what I would do. Leta, Leta is gone and its all my fault. Oh, Merlin.

' Theseus thought looking at Newt's side, but he did not see anything at the moment. "Newton? Are you ok?" Theseus asked still trying to keep himself from crying.

"No. Thee I'm sorry. I know you tried to save her but......." Theseus held his hand up to stop Newt from saying anything more. Newt sighed closing his eyes and nodded.

"Let's drop it," there was a sharpness to Theseus's voice but there was also a hint of sadness dripping from his voice. "Come on. Lets....... let's go see everyone else.

Like maybe your friends," Newt looked at him opening his eyes, but he did not meet his eyes and sighed. However, he did not say anything as the brothers walked over to where the others were.

The sun was about to rise and mostly everyone was asleep even Newt which was rare for him. However, it was Theseus that could not sleep. How could he? He lost Leta, his love to that monster.

Theseus sighed and ran a hand over his face to wipe the unshed tears from his eyes. No one must know that he, Theseus Scamander the war hero was crying or was going to.

Even though everyone at the moment was sleeping. 'Why did she have to die?' Theseus thought looking down at his desk. He and Newt brought everyone over to their family's house to rest.

Newt, of course, did not want to come but Theseus told him it would be better, and he can hang out with Tina. It warmed his broken heart to know that his little brother found someone.

Theseus let out a breath and looked down at the paperwork that he was doing instead of sleeping. Theseus ran a hand over his face again.

He stopped though when he heard someone knock on the door to the room. "Enter Newt," Theseus said knowing that his brother would be up at this time and maybe worried about him.

Which was weird because Theseus thought that it was the other way around. Just as Theseus thought Newt walked in with a mug in his hands. Only it was full and steaming.

"Hello brother.

I um, brought you some coffee since you were up all night, and um, you might need it," Newt's voice was a little shaky and Theseus did not blame him he was too shaken as well,

but he was more than that. Though he could not tell Newt this. He did not want to tell Newt that his heart was broken, and he did not feel like anything mattered anymore.

All that mattered was finding that monster. Right now, right now though he was going to be with his brother. He needed him more then Theseus needs Newt.

Though this is not true, and Theseus did not want to admit that.

"Thank you, Art. Um, Art?" Newt nodded as he set the mug down and looked out the window of his brother's study.

"Yes, brother?" Newt asked wondering what his brother wants to talk about but the pain in his voice says it all. Newt, however, knew that his brother won't talk about that.

why would he? Theseus looked at Newt and smiled a little.

"Tina, that was her name, right?" Newt not expecting this flushed red and nodded. Theseus half smiled and said: "Don't worry little brother.

You like her right?" Newt looked away and nodded slowly making Theseus laugh a little. "Sorry, little brother. Thank you," Newt smiled a little and left the room without saying anything.

Theseus sighed and banged his head on the table trying to get rid of the tears that formed in his eyes.

This banging was so loud that it woke Tina who ran into Theseus's study with fear in her eyes that something bad happened.

"Are you alright?" She asked looking at Theseus who was back to working on his paperwork before him. Tina sighed and walked over to him.

"Are you alright?" She asked once again when Theseus did not answer. Theseus did not look at her when he nodded. Tina sighed and walked over to the door.

"Wait!" Theseus said turning around. "Can you check on Newt? I'm worried about him. I think he might be hurt," Tina nodded but she raises an eyebrow.

"He might be hurt?" Tina repeated and crossed her arms. Theseus sighed but he did not say anything else. "Fine, but it's you that needs help. Not Newt.

So, would you stop working and help yourself," Tina snapped at him and walked out of the room. Theseus sighed again and went back to work.

Newt was staring at the table when Tina came up to him. "Hey Newt," she said with a sad smile. This made Newt look up, but he did not meet her eyes.

"Hello," Newt said simply but he winced a little at his back and this made Tina worry.

'Was his brother telling the truth?' Tina asked herself. "Newt are you ok? Are you hurt?" she asked keeping her voice steady. Newt sighed and nodded.

"Just a little burned that's all. Don't worry Tina," Newt said as he stood and walked over to the stare. "I'm going to go check on Theseus. He's taking this worse than me, I think.

He always hides his pain with work. I'll tell you why later though," Newt said as he walked up the stare.

Theseus was in his study working and trying to hold the tears from coming out of his eyes. This is when Newt walked in once again.

"Hello Thee," Newt said slowly but Theseus said nothing as he tried to stop himself from crying or snapping at his brother.

"Hello," Theseus said even more slowly. Newt sighed and sat down next to him. "Why are you up here? I'm fine," Newt raises an eyebrow and rolled his eyes.

"Brother. I don't think that you are. Look at you. the same thing happened when," Theseus stood cutting him off.

"Don't, don't go there. Father has nothing to do with this. He left alright.

Tell me something brother: How is Leta's death related to father leaving?" Theseus snapped and ran a hand over his face when he felt tears in his eyes.

At this moment Newt knew that he hit a nerve, but he wants his brother to come to terms with this. Though his brother does not like being bossed around.

"It has everything brother," Newt said knowing that he is going into dangerous ground but at this point, he did not care. Theseus rolled his eyes and let out a dry laugh. "It does brother.

You are doing the same thing when he left. All your doing is work and it, it might be, be," Newt cut off and let out a shaky sigh when he saw his brother's tear-stained face.

Theseus then pulled his brother into his arms though Newt hates when people touch him.

"Thank you, Newton. I think I need help with this," Theseus said as he pulled out of his brother's arms and sniffed. Then he started to cry along with Newt as they sat down on the floor.

Hopefully, things will get better, but they have to get worse and the Scamander brothers will be ready for it.

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