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Just the struggles of daily life


Jesse is standing in a very humid metro, a pram pressing against his heels and his nose just a microbe away from a sweaty armpit.

The only thing he can think of is his couch and the last season of Game of Thro...

'Oh my god, No way?

I already thought I recognized you!` The fat ex of a friend , he deliberately ignored for years (because she told him; she doesn't like star wars) , is starting 'a chat' with him.

Jesse`s head buzzes, he tries to keep his balance but then, her words thunder through his ears `Wanna go for a quick coffee?

` black spots start dancing in front of his eyes and he says the only thing he can think of right there and then.

`Ann, I do not know you at all, you were just some fatty I occasionally saw because eight years ago you were fucking a friend of mine, who i now no longer speak and I want to keep it like that.`

Jesse smiles at her as he exits the metro.

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