Color For The Blind Last Part
Color For The Blind Last Part distopia stories

captainamiraca I'm an aspiring writer, I hope you enjoy
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Oh no...

Color For The Blind Last Part

Final credit to Amy Judd for her beautiful art work.

My eyes stayed where my hands were at the bottom of the mirror. My fingers moved their way up my body and reluctantly my eyes followed in the mirror.

There was red smattered across a blue and green paint tie dyed shirt.

I took in my arms, my neck, my face, even spending time looking at my short curly hair with dried brown specks sitting on top.

I finally frowned focusing on my eyes, my hand trailed to my face just below them. They were the brightest, deepest blue that I had ever seen. “Ocean eyes.

” I whimpered, my mouth began to open as a terrible sound vibrated through me.

Starting from my toes and leaving my mouth, my eyes closed and my hands pressed against them as horror became a reality.

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