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capostrapheCommunity member
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I've learned that words are what is most burned into my mind, so here's a way for me to express it


by capostraphe

I always thought that the lyrics to my favorite song were the most played in my head.

That I could escape with one little click of a button

But the methodical language that you chose, the infinitely painful words that you said

Left me here, thinking there was nothing

I was sometimes told that words should never hurt me

That the physical and mental strain outweighs the emotional

But like the gears in an age old battered clock you turn me,

Making my pain seem delusional.

I never found a way to express what I felt, what I knew everytime I faced myself in the mirror

Until it clicked that the words themselves, the literary constructs that composed my emotions,

Were what left me in shear terror

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