How to Deal with Photography like a Professional Man
How to Deal with Photography like a Professional Man stories

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In this selfie era, everyone may want to be a professional photographer who can deal with the life digital photos easily and perfectly. Don’t worry, here we’ll show you some little tips to produce professional photos for an amateur.

1. Emphasize the Focus

Forever remember that an appealing photo should have only one focus. All the other things in the photo just aim to highlight the focus, so try your best to make a distinction between the focus and lesser ones. Besides, some spaces for the main part would make the photo look more artistic. Clearly understanding the photography theme and the things within the view-finder which are compromised by line, the brightness and dimness and so on, you can easily change its focus, angle and light to the best.

2. Proper Focus and Depth of Field

You may know what focus is, but you may don’t know the depth of field. Wikipedia says
“In optics, particularly as it relates to film and photography, depth of field (DOF) is the distance between the nearest and farthest objects in a scene that appear acceptably sharp in an image.”
The deeper the depth of field is, the clearer the scene far from the focus is; otherwise, the scene more blurred. However, the farther the focus distance is, the deeper the depth of field is; whereas the closer the focus distance is, the more shallow the depth of field is. When shooting some view for a long distance, select a relatively larger focus. It is very clear since the lens focusing distance is shown in cm (centimeters).

3. Exposure Compensation

Do you know exposure compensation? This will make a difference to your visual effect with different brightness or the dimness of your photos. You can see that two photos taken from the same angle and with the same focus are fairly different if they with different exposure bracketing. So exposure compensation is also one of the important factors to produce authentic photos.

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How to Deal with Photography like a Professional Man

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