The Condensed History of Traditional Japanese Kimono
The Condensed History of Traditional Japanese Kimono japanese culture stories

candace An 18 year old poet.
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The garments I adore.

The Condensed History of Traditional Japanese Kimono

Living for thousands and thousands of years,

Stemming from traditional Chinese clothes.

Inspired with flare from Korea.

It soon turned into it's own

Unique style.

Remove the pants from women's kimono.

(Usually, not always)

Give it a wide sash, longer sleeves

Layer to flaunt riches

And for warmth in winter.

Daily wear, formal wear,

Everything in between.

A symbol for every season.

Accessories to match in prestige.

A look for every occasion.

Elegant dye and embroidered patterns -

A piece of art from a piece of cloth.

Silk, cotton, and hemp

Are the main fabrics of choice.

Worn mostly now for special occasions,

Or by practitioners of the traditional arts.

Day by day,

Kimono becomes more of a cultural relic;

In today's Japan,

Western clothes are all the rage.

But still,

In small corners,

It lives on.

In the old,

A breath of fresh air -

New kimonos are still made.

Inventive ways of wearing them

Are created.

Stylized, individualized, recreated

Repackaged, repurposed, reinvented

Not clothes, but interior decor.

Not clothes, but family heirlooms.

Still clothes.

Some people still wear them

Every day.

I hope

That never changes.

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