Gripping Yet Painful Stories
Gripping Yet Painful Stories grip stories

candace An 18 year old poet.
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Do I dare read more?

Gripping Yet Painful Stories

I know it's just words.

But the way that they write,

Tears my heart

Out of my chest

In both the best

And worst ways.

Do I dare read more?

I'm not sure my emotions

Can take this much more.

But I want to know

How the story ends.

If I don't read the rest,

I'll always wonder

What happened to the characters

At the end.

As usual,

My curiosity wins.

I'll open the story back up,

And read until there's nothing left of it.

Whether the end is happy or sad,

I cannot know until

The words

(and my heart)

Have nothing left

To give.

Some of the stories

That are best written are

The ones that

Grip your heart, mind, and soul

Until you cannot bear

To look away.

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