A Message for the Former Club President
A Message for the Former Club President lead stories

candace An 18 year old poet.
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I want to become someone that inspires the courage to lead, just like you inspired me.

A Message for the Former Club President

I didn't know you that well on a personal level.

But I saw the way you would lead,

With great energy

And endless optimism.

You knew when to have fun,

And when to be serious.

Whenever there was trouble,

You dealt with it

Efficiently and with grace.

To be frank,

I thought

You were an excellent leader.

I admired you.

I still do.

Seeing you in charge,

Gave me the confidence

To take up a leadership position

In the club that you are now leaving.

And now the club must keep going

Without you

Since now,

You have graduated.

Your life calls you elsewhere.

Even though I'm nervous,

I have to be strong, too.

I don't want to let anyone down.

I decided to take the job,

Not out of obligation,

But because I want to see it succeed.

It was the same for you, I could tell.

What this club represents,

And your passion for it,

Was reflected in

Everything you did for the club.

I hope,

That the same comes across

In what I do, too.

And maybe,

(If I dare to dream it)

Perhaps someone else

Might be inspired

By the way I lead

Just like you

Have inspired me.

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