Boredom: The Origin of Existence
Boredom: The Origin of Existence  physics stories

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In the beginning, there was nothing. No light, no sound, and no substance. The universe was formless and empty. In it resided all things, and nothing in the same instance. There was only the void.

Boredom: The Origin of Existence

In the beginning, there was nothing. No light, no sound, and no substance. The universe was formless and empty. In it resided all things, and nothing in the same instance.

There was only the void.

Nothingness despite his best efforts, found this to bore him. He was alone in existence, formless and eternal. He was the void itself.

With no time Nothingness had seen all there was, is, and would ever be. He desired something novel, unexpected even. So, he yielded his control and allowed Being to enter the void.

As soon as Being crossed the threshold, time began, and chaos manifested. Being willed the universe to explode in all directions, carving out a kingdom for himself from the great nothing.

Wherever he went, Being left a blinding heat which scorched all that he had created, reducing matter to mere atomic fluid.

Nothingness shook his head. He wanted spectacle sure, but not pure destruction. Pure destruction would only lead back to the emptiness he so despised.

To fix this, he brought Order into existence. Order, by his very nature, looked upon Being’s reckless abandon with disgust.

He wrote universal constants and laws, crafting these into an unbreakable set of chains. These chains shackled Being, but even they were not powerful enough to stop his advance.

But, they did achieve their desired effect. With Being hindered, matter could take shape.

Particles solidified, then clumped together in massive clouds of gas. Nothingness observed these clouds, finding they did not satisfy his desire.

What was special about two measly elements journeying on paths laid down by Order’s laws. His own schemes rebelled against him.

He wanted surprise, not predestination. No spontaneity was to be found in creation. That simply would not do.

As a corrective, he provided Order with an eternal rival Discord.

Order continued to craft his chains, but as he did Discord slipped in brittle links in his creation: allowing randomness and oddities to occur.

For now, the two maintained a sort of balance; Order repaired just as fast as Discord could sow his defects. But Nothingness could see that eventually Discord would free Being given the chance.

However, just as he contemplated on this, something caught his eye. A bright light emerged as one of the clouds of gas collapsed on itself.

It contained brand new elements, even new forms of matter. Their pattern was still predictable to Nothingness, but it was far more complex than before.

Soon these beacons dotted existence, their light piercing through the primordial darkness in all directions.

Being continued his advance into the unknown, with Discord and Order quarreling nearby, but they operated on the periphery and were of little consequence to Nothingness.

Nothingness observed these stars with much tenacity, finding great delight when they crashed into one another or collapsed on themselves into black holes.

He could still see it all before it happened, but his foresight had dimmed somewhat since that time. The future was far more blurred to his mind now, with only large events retaining clarity.

This thrilled him.

Nothingness took a keen interest in every universal newcomer. Each brought new shapes and colors previously unknown to him.

Vapors patterned their surface, ever flowing back and forth in disorganized patterns. The universe’s complicity was reaching new heights, and the future fled further from his sight.

However, after a time, even these celestial marbles lost the novelty that they once held. Nothingness had seen every shape and color they had to offer, all blurring together to him.

Though in his futile attempt to amuse himself, he continued the search.

Eventually he came upon something truly bizarre. A green planet with crystal waters and a shifting white veil near its border with space. Intrigued he looked closer.

Mountains, deserts, and oceans all became to clear to him. The world’s complexity shocked him. Its future nearly indiscernible.

Nothingness leaned in closer, and then something unexpected. Forms moved across the planet’s surface. He concentrated until he could see these forms clearly.

They sat in groups, some even pointing up at him; the universe painted across their sky. Nothingness realized with a start that they followed not set path.

Their very complexity shrouded his foresight.

Like little gods these groups altered the world to their desires, creating structure from chaos. Stone rose around them and then fell. The world’s biomes fell to their expanse.

In mere moments, even space was made their frontier. They were spontaneous, free, and wonderous. Nothingness finally had what he was looking for.

They vanished just as quickly as they appeared. He didn’t see how they fell for himself, time simply flowed to fast around him.

The skeletons of their cities and machines dotted the world’s surface until they too returned to dust. Their probes and structures off world followed suit.

Soon the local star consumed that strange green world, leaving no trace of what had once been.

Nothingness lied back dejected. He had come so close, but time simply flowed too quickly for him. As he turned his attention back to the whole cosmos, he saw the fruits of his negligence.

Discord had finally bested Order, sections of his great chains shattered at Being’s feet. Unencumbered Being began to tear his universe asunder. Stars burned their last, and all began to still.

With Being’s expansion, complexity broke down. Bonds shattered, atoms separated into their components, which faded into nothing.

Sound vanished completely, with light dying out shortly after. It was a return to the void Nothingness despised.

Wanting to move on, Nothingness grabbed on what remained of Order’s chains; halting Being. He pulled on the chains, forcing Being back and eventually banishing him from his world of void.

Next, he excused Order and Discord, allowing them to fade, leaving only himself.

Nothingness sighed, crushing all of creation down to a fraction of an atom in his hand. Despite it all, he allowed himself a grin of satisfaction.

If for only a moment, he was free of his boredom. He gazed at the speck of creation in his hand, imagining the possibilities.

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