One foot in, one foot out
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camillakoenigI do not know a lot about life
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Decisions are never easy, but neither is being one foot in and one foot out.

One foot in, one foot out

by camillakoenig

I do not fully know who I am.

I have always been the sort of "one foot in, one foot out" type of person. I am never consistent, and I am never truly happy with the choices I make.

I am a grey area.

Never really black, nor ever really white. I am always in between. In between choices. In between opinions. In between judgements.

I am incapable of feeling certainty.

"I do, but do I really?", "I feel, but do I really feel?" I am consequently displeased and unsure of my own opinions and acknowledgements.

I cannot explain why, nor do I wish to know why.

Why must one live a half-life, stuck in the foggy blur of distrust in oneself?

I leap between choices,

between friends,

and between the constant opportunity to trust myself, or to trust what logically must be the correct answer. The correct feeling.

“Should I write, or should I not?”

“Should I speak, or should I keep it in, although I am burning to express my deepest thoughts?”.

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