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camillakoenigI do not know a lot about life
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by camillakoenig

I roam the streets that I have known for all of my life.

The bushes that cover the mossy side of the road and the painting that is flaking off of the old walls.

I remember the times of being a child and seeing nothing but beauty and love in these old buildings and paths. To me, they defined an era.

They marked a time in my life, where fairy tales weren’t mere stories and responsibility was yet to be a concern.

The reality of a troubled mind was not one, that I was familiar with or one I was even worried about, for I did not know of the negativity in the world.

I do now.

I know that the world is not as beautiful as I thought, and that happy endings are a rarity.

And yet I find unending happiness and pleasure in these old ruins of a childhood, because they remind me of a time where my heart was pure and my head free.

Even if I live in a world of inequality, war and death, the journey down the street is an escape into freedom and happiness. Into purity, of a sort.

So occasionally I will take a stroll down memory lane.

I will be reminded of a time of happiness and liberty to think freely. I know it is not permanent, but regardless, it is nice to think, that there is still some beauty in the world.

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Please comment guys <3 y'all -Sarah xoxo

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Nice poem a stroll down memory lane can bring back such beautiful memories i have ree visited some of the places I've lived and found everything is so much smaller than i remember