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An Outsiders Continuation Chapter 1

An Outsiders Continuation

Chapter 1

Pony P.O.V.

I rolled over finding myself tangled in the bed sheets. I faintly heard a familiar voice calling but my mind couldn't seem to process the words.

What felt like not two seconds later a firm hand shook me gently. The voice spoke again, this time with a mix of impatience, amusement, and urgency.

"Come on Pone, get up!" I sighed inwardly and cracked open my eyes. Light flooded in my vision and I winced slightly.

"Mmm..What time is it?.." I mumbled. "Quarter after seven buddy, you best get yourself movin' before Darry has a conniption."

Although the thought of Darry angry at me seemed unwelcoming, I found my eyes fluttering shut and my body slouching.

"Pony!" Soda said, walking into the room buttoning up his DX shirt. "Ok, ok I'm up!" I said, my hands in surrender. I walked out of the room and into the bathroom.

Seeing as though I had no time to shower I simply put on a white shirt and a fresh pair of jeans. Staring at my reflection I frowned.

What did those people see in me? What did Johnny see that day?

What did he mean by "stay gold"? In his letter he told me that I should keep watching the sunsets. That it's a good way to be.

How could I possibly be considered a treasure to the gang? If anything I was a burden. Just an extra load to carry.

My thoughts were interrupted when there was a knock at the door. "Hey Pony finish up in there already! I might pee my pants if 'ya don't open up," Soda said sounding like an antsy five year-old.

"I'm out, I'm out," I said as I opened the door. "Not all of us can wake up lookin' pretty," I said with a smile. Soda just cracked a smile and rolled his eyes playfully.

When I got to the kitchen Darry was serving breakfast and Two-Bit was already at the table.

"Well looky here ladies and gentlemen, the princess has finally arrived!" Two-Bit said over dramatically. He made obnoxious whistling and clapping noises as I sat down.

"Enough with you already, don't 'ya got Mickey Mouse or whatever to watch?" I asked annoyed.

Two-Bit gave me the most offended look I'd ever seen. "Mickey Mouse is a classic!" He practically growled.

"No need to get your feathers ruffled over there tough guy, save it for the next soc you meet while drunk," I said.

Two-Bit just sat there sipping his beer the rest of breakfast glaring at me. I tried not to notice as I picked at my eggs. What on earth he doing with a beer at seven in the morning anyway?

Soda broke the silence as he came over and sat down with us. "Boy Two-Bit, you feelin' ok over there? This is the quietest I've seen you since....

well since forever," He said quickly with a smile, ignoring the tension.

None of the gang had taken Johnny nor Dally's death lightly. That was the first time I had ever seen Two-Bit without that hopeful glint in his eye.

That glint that allowed us to know that in the end things'll turn out ok, that there's somethin' worth livin' for.

I got up to finish the dishes since Darry had to leave for work with Soda. "Pony if I hear you smoke more than one pack today I'll skin 'ya, understand?" Darry said lookin' me in the eyes.

His icy glare meant business.

"And if I hear that your carryin' more than one load at a time me and Soda'll skin 'ya, understand? Darry just smiled and ruffled my hair.

"Let's go Pepsi-Cola! One more minute and you'll have dish duty for the rest of the week!" I heard Darry shout from the door.

I giggled quietly at his comment. Darry's words seemed to catch Soda's attention because he came zoomin' down those stairs faster than you could say soc.

"Be good lil' colt," he told me on the way outta the door. "And Two-Bit? Take it easy on the booze, savvy?" Two-Bit winked as he took a long sip from his beer.

Soda just rolled his eyes and shut the door.

"You 'bout ready to go?" Two-Bit asked grabbing his keys. I nodded and hopped off the chair to grab my book bag. I trudged out the door slowly. School never was the same without Johnny there.

In English we'd been reading Gone With the Wind.

I couldn't bear the thought of those gallant Southern gentlemen. Those sparkling golden heroes. Those heroic men who were just like Dally. Important. Heroic. Irreplaceable. Loyal.

The men who fought their battles silently.

Those big brown eyes seeping with loyalty and honor. Those deep brown eyes masked away in the sight of fear. Scarred from the battles for freedom. Fighting for life, for a chance.

People like Johnnycake couldn't be replaced. People like Johnnycake don't deserve to die. People like Johnnycake deserve better.

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