The Aunts
The Aunts aunt stories

call_me_jc A poet with a wee dash of eloquence
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Day 313 of a Year of Prompts! I'm glad none of my family uses Commaful, because I've surely forgotten an aunt or three...

The Aunts

Aunt Lala baked pound cakes,

The best in the family.

Aunt Glenda grows orchids;

Her sunroom is full of them.

Aunt Angie sold her Jeep

To my dad at a discount.

Aunt Adrienne got engaged,

And is getting married soon.

Aunt Michelle was crazy,

But she's gotten much better.

Aunt Peggy likes quilting;

I love the one she made me.

Aunt Nancy I've met once

Because she lives far away.

Aunt Mabel I've not met;

Nancy and Peggy's sister.

Aunt Winny is ninety,

The oldest of her siblings.

There are others, of course.

I can't keep track of them all.

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