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Breakfast, reggae & a Grizzly Man.

Grizzly Man

As the smell of bacon tickles my nose and the sound of bongos lightly tapping my ear drums. I wake up to find a shirtless, handsome, grizzly like man making bacon and eggs for breakfast.

As I walk up to him sleepy eyes, messy hair, bare face and his shirt on, he gently turns around, smiles. “Good morning beautiful, how did you sleep” seeps from his gentle lips.

I smile, rub my eyes free of the sleep I just awaken from. I can’t find the right words to describe the way I had slept the night before.

Having the comfort of a man holding my small body, keeping me warm is an indescribable feeling.

Instead of telling him how I slept, I stop him from what he’s doing, turn him around, brush his hair out of his face and run my hand down the back of his neck and pull him into me.

He kisses my lips ever so softly, puts my arms around his neck, lifts me up into his arms.

As my legs are wrapped around his waist, he spins me around in a circle and carefully places me on the counter.

Starring me in the eyes, he slips his hand under the back of my shirt, finger tips slowly caressing my lower back he pulls me closer to him.

His other hand slowly moves from my side up to my face, as his hand is resting on my cheek, he brings his face close to mine, feeling his lips getting closer to me,

his lips land right on the tip of my nose where he plants the littlest, softest kiss. I can see from looking up at him his lips forming into a smile, that beautiful smile I love looking at.

Giggling he repositions my legs tighter around his waist as I’m sitting on the counter. He brings his hand to the back on my neck and pulls me in for a kiss.

I pause for a second, realizing where I am, I’m in the kitchen on the counter with my legs around the waist of this grizzly like man,

his right hand on my lower back and his left hand on the back of my neck, he then pauses, he smiles and says “what’s wrong beautiful”.

I smile at him, then I let out with a loud laugh, I yell at him, “YOUR BURNING THE BACON!!!”

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