A Reflection of Red
A Reflection of Red fairytale stories

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-The prologue is loosely based off the movie Red Riding Hood (2011) fairytale and a combination of the movie a Brothers Grimm, can find more on wattpad-

A Reflection of Red

Prologue: A silent Killer

She ran through the forest as swiftly as her cut feet could carry her, she tripped on overgrown roots and sticks through the darkness,

it was as if they were trying to make her fall to her doom.

All it would take would be one miss step that could twist her ankle to fall into the dirt into her makeshift grave of fauna and shrubbery.

The girl’s feet ached and trembled, she didn’t dare to glance over her shoulder to see if that thing was after her.

The forest was practically mute besides her sobs and her erratic breathing; she could feel the blood seep out of her cuts, especially the deep gash in her lower stomach.

She stopped and leaned against one of the towering pines, through the leaves the moonlight shone on her frame, allowing her to see the gash, it was like a red blooming flower sprouting from her,

it’s red tendrils seeping through her night gown, creeping to her thighs.

Her breathing became more frantic when she felt those tendrils inside her come up into her mouth and out of it, dripping down her chin causing her to cough violently.

It filled her tastebuds with such a metallic taste that she wanted to vomit.

With a deep intake of crisp air she pushed herself off the trunk and continued to run in the direction that she believed was her town, Moonbright.

“I just need to get into the town and get inside, someone is bound to help me, I have to get home to my father,

I can’t leave him alone” her heart ached at the thought as she crossed over a low levelled creek, silently pleading that the water would help cover her scent, could it smell her?

Could it smell the blood gushing from the wound that it caused?

Her hopes began to rise as she ascended up a hill which had tree stumps cut smoothly; she had made it to where the woodcutters chop the trees for the lumber mill.

Her vision flashed white, she knew that she was losing too much blood, she was so close.

It was then that she heard the ear piercing sound, a mixture between a roar and scream, sounding almost human.

Her entire body shook in horror, the sound resonating to her core as she now passed the lumber mill.

She felt hot air blow against her neck, making her hair stand up like static, with all her courage she glances behind her to be greeted with darkness,

she faced forward and finally saw the town entrance. She ran to the first door in her flickering vision, banging and clashing against the wooden frame, screaming to be let in.

House after house there was no answer, the girl reached the one door that she knew would open, her home.

She screamed to the top of her lungs for her father to open the door, her throat throbbing like her heart against her ribs, banging on the door with all her might, why wasn’t nobody answering?

Then it shook her like a death rattle hitting the dirt. At this fatal moment, she looked towards the sky hesitantly hoping not see it. It was there.

She sees the full moon shining down on her; she could practically hear its mocking laugh, ridiculing her for forgetting about it being there tonight.

No one would dare open their doors on a full moon, no one will help her, and no one will save her.

She sobbed as she slid down facing the door, clutching her stomach as her head rested against the oak.

Footsteps sounded behind her against the gravel path, crunching and grating pebbles filled her hearing, metres from where she laid bleeding out.

Her doe eyes streaming a river of tears looked behind her for the last time, the silhouette covered her body like a dark blanket of death.

Her eyes widened in realisation but before she could utter a sound or scream, her throat was slit to the bone.

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