Don’t you dare say i do
Don’t you dare say i do

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a poem about a nightmare i had the other night.

Don’t you dare say i do

at the alter and all i see is you marrying the girl of your dreams.

i’m watching as tears come to my eyes, i really shouldn’t cry.

i’ve been chasing you for so long but you never saw me the way i longed.

grasping my nails into my skin as i’m trying to hold it in.

“does anyone object this love” i stand and say “i do because i have loved you for many suns.”

you look at me and see how this is truly effecting me.

you say “caley, i have loved you so but not in the way i love her though.”

i sit back down and think of the times my smile was made by your charming eyes.

a few years later i come to see you have a child and she looks nothing like me.

not the way i wished it to have been but those eyes they really draw you in.

you see i have a child too but he doesn’t have a father oh how i wished it could have been you.

sounds kinda similar you never really had one either.

he will grow to love a girl thats not like me but thats rightfully so.

girls like me never get the right ending instead we stand aside at the wedding.

i’m glad this was all just a dream because maybe there is still hope for us dont you see?

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