August leads to autumn
August leads to autumn
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a poem about a boy named august who i loved into autumn

August leads to autumn

as we slowly approach autumn i fall effortlessly in love with you like the way the leaves will start to fall to the cold ground.

i feel lifeless, so cold but as your touch tapped my shoulder i felt alive again.

the sound of your voice sent chills down my spine as i start to shake and shiver.

it’s just a stress fever i say but really you just have me feeling that special way.

the sad thing is just like the wind blows over the trees you blew right over me.

crunching my heart like when my boots smush a pine cone from the evergreens.

the place i saw a deer that was so free and peaceful and it was just simply at ease.

it gets frosty outside and i just freeze, i just stop for a moment and i finally see.

the leaves will disintegrate and so will my feelings.

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