My Lord and Love: Cal and Jesus
My Lord and Love: Cal and Jesus love stories

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The story about my love of Jesus. A lot of you were excited to see this, so I hope you'll like it! Most art is mine :)

My Lord and Love: Cal and Jesus

I have been raised Christian my whole life. I've always loved Jesus, as a lot of my old drawings are proof. This is the story in Chronicles of Cal behind me and Jesus' bonding; as it as an important part in the series. Roll Film! Er, post.

It was book #5 of Chronicles of Cal. Mewtwo and Aurora had just started attacking, and I was still annoyed by Aurora. How could she be my 'alternate?' And it still got me mad that none of my friends had any. Anyways, Aurora had tried to swipe the Golden Cross from Destiny, which had gotten her PISSED off.

"IN THE MIGHTY NAME OF JESUS, I REBUKE YOU BOTH!" Destiny shouted. I sighed admiringly at my sister. I'd probably never be that brave to do that... "What do you think THAT'S gonna do?" Aurora said, laughing obnoxiously. Suddenly there was a bright flash in the sky. "LEAVE MY CHILDREN ALONE!" It was JESUS. I gasped, and my heart started beating really fast.

I couldn't believe He'd actually come to help us... just a bunch of kids. "Jesus!" Destiny exclaimed. Eustace and Luna gazed in amazement, and I looked at him with wide eyes. Mewtwo backed up, and he grabbed Aurora's hand. "Let's go. Before we get killed." he said, and the 2 flew off. Jesus smiled at us all, then He was gone. I couldn't believe it. I'd finally seen the Lord of my life.

My whole life, I'd always thought of seeing him. Even at a young age. "Cal, He's gone." Eustace said to me. "B-but, will He be back?" I asked. I sounded more helpless then I'd liked. "I'm sure He will be, Cal." Destiny told me. After me and Luna started praising the Golden Cross again, Eustace told me, "Don't forget, Callie, Jesus powers it." I looked at it like Jesus was looking back at me.

"I won't." I thought about Jesus all through #6, as I saw the dark corners of my mind, was told my friends didn't like me, and when it was plain to see I was liked. I felt something that I'd barely felt before; a thick presence. It happened when I came into my Mom's cave after she was worshiping, or when I'd see an angel real quick. Was this... the presence of God, the Bible often told about?

I didn't have much time to think about it. #7 was all over the place. Mewtwo and Aurora were arguing, I'd turned 13, and then, it happened: I got put in a coma. I'd always wondered what that'd feel like. Either that, or I DIED. Whatever one it was, I knew it meant Heaven. I blinked open my eyes. The ground underneath me was bluish clouds, and I could barely think at all.

I knew the thought thing was cuz in Heaven (I bet) you don't have to think; you already KNOW. "I'm in...Heaven? I...died?" I said, looking around. "Whatever reason, I'm glad. I wanna stay up here a while." "Callie!" A wonderful voice exclaimed. I turned around. "Could it be...." It was. JESUS. HE WAS THERE!

I ran to Jesus so fast, I felt like my legs were falling off. I ran right up to Him and cried. Cried right into his warm chest. I had been so hurt for the past few weeks. Aurora's teasing. Mewtwo doubting me and the arguments between me and my friends had...changed me. But as I cried, I forgot all of it. With each tear, a memory was forgotten in which hurt me. "I'm sorry..." I said, crying.

"It's OK, my child. Do not burden yourself with your sins; I already took them on for you." Jesus told me, hugging me closer. His voice was so soothing, so comforting, and I felt better with each word spoken. I looked up at Him, and...was my mouth curving upward? Was I SMILING for the first time in days? The thick presence was back. He smiled right back at me.

"Fight them, and I will be your strength." Jesus told me. He held my hand, and I shed another tear. I'd... Have to go back? Why couldn't my life just end there? Then I could be with Jesus forever. But God had me in His hands; it wasn't my time to die. I cried one more time, then the light escorted me back to earth.

On earth, it wasn't going good. Aurora yeeted an orb at Luna, and she fell to the ground. "This is TOO easy!" Aurora said, smiling. "We'll have our demon assignment finished in no time, Mewtwo!" Mewtwo waved his tail. "This was easier then I thou-" but his sentence was interrupted. By ME. "THAT'S ABOUT TO CHANGE!"

I had transformed into a fox SUPERHUMAN. Aurora backed up, a little shocked, but Mewtwo just rolled his eyes. "Leave my friends alone!" I said. My friends, btw, were utterly shocked at my new 'look'. "No way!" Aurora said. Suddenly, before I could get any angrier, Jesus appeared again! "Leave NOW!" He said. "JESUS!" Luna, Destiny and Eustace squealed excitedly.

"I charge all of you with the Golden Anointing Power!" Jesus told us 4. He zapped us with some fiery lightning, then left. I gasped. A sensation was happening in my veins... I'd never felt so powerful. That's when Aurora started her vent. I barely paid attention. I couldn't believe----I had to stop doing that. It was OBVIOUSLY happening, and Jesus WAS helping us!

After Aurora ran off, and Mewtwo left in vain, I felt like CELEBRATING. But the excitement wasn't over. A spirit of Anger attacked me. Jesus appeared that time, too. He defeated the ugly thing! I looked at the sky with large eyes. "Thank you." Jesus had said that'd He'd return soon. I hoped he would. I was never more...

I couldn't describe this feeling that came over me when Jesus was around. It was nothing I'd ever felt before. Jesus didn't appear for all issues after #8 until #13, where He stopped a fallen angel called Ahab from killing me and stealing Eustace's sword. I looked at Him. "Please stay..." I said longingly. Jesus smiled at me. "You can travel in the spirit, Callie. You just have to try. I'll be

waiting for you there." Jesus told me. Then He left. #14 was all over the place. The dark wolf returned, Luna got a bf and Eustace was revealed to have a girlfriend. In #15, much, MUCH things happened. Most were BAD.

Mewtwo returned, and he was MAD. I think it was a mix of anger for Aurora (he obviously liked her), jealously and RAGE. I didn't think I was going to make it out alive. So I tricked Mewtwo. We were at the edge of a cliff. "You can finish me off, if you want." I said, looking sad. Mewtwo glared at me and raised an eyebrow. "Go and do it." I said.

Not to brag or anything, but I was a GREAT actor. Mewtwo unsheathed his claws (because of being half demon and all) and walked towards me. I sighed. "Any last words?" he asked, looking ashamed. "I'm sorry." I said. There was honestly a lot of things in my life I was regretting at at that point. I was so sorry for many things. If I was going to die, at least I could apologize.

Mewtwo sighed. He swiped, and I fell, missing the swipe. I fell downer and downer towards the ocean. "Clever fox;" I heard Mewtwo mumble as he watched me fall. Plop. I was gone. I felt the water rush into my nostrils, and I felt my breath be taken away from me. Suddenly a hand with a nail scar reached in, and pulled me up.

The next day... I was sad. I moped around the ruins of my cave (which Mewtwo had destroyed). I heard footsteps behind me. "I'm sorry." It was Mewtwo. "Go away. Nothing can make me accept a demon's apology right now." I said, in my transformation. "Callie-" Mewtwo started. But something made him stop in his tracks.

At the time, my spiritual eyes were closed, cuz I was depressed. But later on I found out why Mewtwo had left. Jesus stood in front of me, with a sword in His hand. "Leave." He said to Mewtwo. "NOW." Mewtwo glared at me, then levitated off. I wish I could've seen that. All I saw was a flash, then He was gone.

(I haven't planned all the next books after #15 yet, so the next half is only in #20) I sighed. Mewtwo and Aurora were gone. Ahab was no where to be found. And no other villains were here.

It was my fault. I had caused the last few arguments. Now my friends probably hated me, and I'd never have them again. My stubbornness had gotten in the way again. If only I'd listen more. I looked at the stars, longing for a shooting star or a comet to wish upon. But that wasn't necessary.

"It's OK, my child." I ran up to Jesus, crying as I ran. "I'm so sorry!" I said, crying into his chest. "Its all my fault...They all hate me!" "That's not true." Jesus said, petting my ears. "They're just angry. If you act humble and apologize..." "They'll forgive me." I looked up at Jesus.

"Thank you for everything. For dying on a cross, saving me all those times, and for everything else good in my life." I now knew this feeling that I felt. It was love. I looked at Him, and He smiled. "You're welcome, my love." The End.

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