If The Panic of 1837 Didn't Happen
If The Panic of 1837 Didn't Happen history stories

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The Panic of 1837 was an event during the start of Martin Van Buren's presidential term that likely cost him re-election. What if it never happened? Read on to learn about it 💵

If The Panic of 1837 Didn't Happen

Quick intro: During his time as president, Andrew Jackson (a president whom I am quite fascinated by) attacked the banks of America quite fiercely because he detested them and paper money. Thus, the Panic of 1837 happened after Martin Van Buren was elected. It was a time when banks started failing and people started stressing out about it.

(Starting the AU now) During his 2nd term as president, some of Andrew Jackson's advisors told him not to attack banks so fiercely. They did it cuz they didn't want Jackson or themselves to lose popularity or get blamed for any bank failures.

A quick-tempered man, Jackson didn't want to oblige. His Vice President, Martin Van Buren, warned him that making a decision because of one's own concerns, and not really for the people's as well, would be unwise. The stubborn and heartbroken (from the loss of his dear wife, Rachel) Jackson finally gave in after a week of pressuring from his advisors.

Jackson HAD attacked one bank, but it bounced back after a few months and cuz he didn't attack any more, Jackson regained popularity. After his 2 terms were over, Martin Van Buren succeeded Jackson. Because the Panic of 1837 never happened, there was no real objection right away to Van Buren's presidency.

However, some people judged Van Buren's character (a man alittle too fond of wine and fancy clothes for some people) but he got enough supporters to get re-elected in 1840-41. With his re-election, William Henry Harrison didn't become president. Having running for president 2 times already, he decided to return to his home if he was to be called to military service again.

(Harrison had served in the War of 1812). If William Henry Harrison was never elected, he never died in office. Thus, John Tyler never succeeded him. Tyler was sort of a forgettable president who did nothing Harrison campaigned to do. James K. Polk was still president after Van Buren, but served as the 9th instead of the 11th. Taylor was 10th, Fillmore 11th...

...and so on. Every president was 2 spots behind their order they would've been in if Harrison and Tyler woulda been presidents. The End. This was a thoroughly-thought out AU. What do YOU think about it? Hope you liked it.

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