Comic Series Reintroduction: pt 1 (Setting & Plot)
Comic Series Reintroduction: pt 1 (Setting & Plot) info stories

caldafox O, how I love my Lord & Savior!
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Here is the first of 3 in my reintroduction to my comic series, Chronicles of Cal. Please don't ignore this post! 2 more posts regarding characters and villains are next.

Comic Series Reintroduction: pt 1 (Setting & Plot)

{Hi everyone. I'm sorry that I didn't post this yesterday, my Mom didn't want me on the computer much or something.}

Chronicles of Cal is a comic series drawn and written by yours truly in my bedroom. It features 4 friends in an imaginary realm, trying to protect their land from demonic plots. Along the way, they learn to respect one another and bond with Jesus more then every before.

Their land is called The Land of Animal Humans. It lacks most luxuries of the modern world (technology, TV, appliances, things like that). The main setting is a forest full of caves in which Callie and Destiny live in. There are also clearings full of teepee-like huts (that'll be explained later), meadows, and beautiful untouched scenery.

The residents of this realm look much different from ordinary humans. They have the same basic build and anatomy of human beings, but certain body parts of animals. {feet, wings, tails, teeth and ears are the body parts the residents obtain}. And they aren't technically called "animal humans" either---the name is shortened to "animal."

Example: here's what a "fox human" would look like. She obtained the tail and ears of a fox.

Another example: here is what a "hawk human" would look like. He obtained the wings and, under his boots, feet, of a red-tailed hawk.

In this realm, legendary creatures like dragons, phoenixes, and griffins also exist. The only animals that don't have "animal human" counterparts are amphibians and insects, cuz they're too teeny. Dragons look like the following drawing:

See her? (well, duh, ofc u can.) Dragons look like their normal selves, except they are much more sophisticated and stand on 2 feet, except during transformations.

All residents are born with superpowers, some with numerous giftings! That was part 1! See ya on Saturday ;)

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