The Demon
The Demon creepy stories

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A short story about a demon hiding in plain sight.

The Demon

The wind was howling violently, causing the trees outside to crash against the window pane, rattling them loudly through the otherwise quiet house.

Normally the house was pleasant- full of light and warmth and song, but now it was dark, silent and cold. Thunder sent a loud bang throughout the home, sending a shiver down Josie’s spine.

Normally the storm wouldn’t bother her. In fact, it might even have soothed her. Tonight, however, was a different story -tonight it only added to her fear.

Her fingers and toes were tingling, almost like they were falling asleep. The sensation was familiar and foreign at the same time. Josie hated it.

She felt trapped, her vocal cords had stopped working what felt like hours ago, keeping her from calling for help. It felt like there were invisible hands wrapped around her throat.

No matter how many gasping breaths she took, it wasn’t enough. She felt like she was going to die. She wished she could wake her partner sleeping soundly next to her, but she felt paralyzed.

Every move was a struggle, a risk.

She knew she could move if she tried, but she couldn’t bring herself to do it. Her blood was running cold, and her heart was pounding so fast Josie thought it might explode.

She knew she could make it through this, she knew because she had made it through before. This was not a one-time occurrence, it was something that happened regularly.

It was the demon she lived with. The demon inside her head. The demon named anxiety.

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