Never Ending Merry- Go- Round

Never Ending 
Merry- Go- Round  #bpd #borderlinepersonalitydisorder #mentalhealth #toomanyfeels #poetry stories

caittaylor04 Im too different for this world
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BPD poem to deal with my $hit

Never Ending Merry- Go- Round

There’s this noise in my brain That I can’t seem to tame I try to get the help But every time I’m stressing New issues seem to develop

No one gets it I’m called all these names My heart constantly taking a hit I’m always the one to blame I have walls higher than China A self esteem lower than the sea I can’t do anything right Why do I gotta be me?

I never asked for this Nobody would I’d repay the favor If only I could My anger burns like the devils fire And when it runs out My energy expires

The highs and lows Like the ocean tides Hit like a blow Every time I just wanna run Unbearable to stay When it comes down to it This is my every day

One moment I feel it all And the next I am empty One should fear the day I’ve had more than plenty

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