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She is

by caitlynkinzettb

For my love

How can one describe the pure joy you bring to my life?

How every night, you say goodnight and your voice soothes me

Or how every morning, you remind me how much you love me

How with every breath I grow more excited to see you

How we can have an adventurous day, despite my complaining

Or a lazy day on the couch just snuggling and laughing

The way you stare at the clouds whilst I stare at you.

Or the way you sing with me when I'm playing a song for you

Or what about the way your smile makes your eyes glow

And when you giggle it's like millions of fireflies all lit

There are millions of reasons why I'm in love with you!

But listing every reason is like counting all the stars

There simply is not enough time to

Each moment spent with you is a beautiful adventure

And I can't wait to hold your hand, stare into your eyes

And say I love you

And I want everyone to know that she is

My love

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