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A poem inspired by Higgins Lake, MI at night. August is the month to stargaze, and on clear August nights the lake is a black sheet and the sky yawns open to a brilliant display of stars. I had to write about it.


In the skies that churn so gently on high

Stars weep, animated by spirits' woe

Against the shroud of black remembered night

They've moved me to wonder since long ago

Oh, Stars, must I leave your heavenly glow?

For seasons flee, as do the diamond skies

And steal away the stars from their abodes

As months and years pass in their clockwork stride

And therefore leave only my wish to know

Oh, Stars, why must we depart on this night,

In this clandestine mantle of twilight?

I dream of gleaming winter in the spring

The beams of light as summer turns to fall

And though new stars arrive in Earth's great swing

The stars we've come to love forgo us all

Must I relinquish your ethereal glow?

Oh, Stars, I yearn for your returning show!

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