A Raven's Song
A Raven's Song american school shooting stories
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cactusniccI'm not much of a writer tbh but ya know
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This is a poem about school shootings and it's also my first serious poem.

A Raven's Song

A boom.

The raven sings

the blue jay cries.

the children scream,

while another dies.

sirens roar

but too far away.

8 to 3 was supposed to be tiring,

not devastating.

13 to 18 was supposed to be fun,

not horrifying.

"the best four years" are now a whole life gone.

the seasons change

but the flock remains.

another boom

and another.

Until there are no blue jays left,

only ravens.

Until the cries die out,


until there are no flocks because

the birds are all scared of each other.

The Raven sings and

the children are buried.

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