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something about more

We are more

It's a small sad life.

A life we believe that has no purpose.

No direction.

No goal or aim.

A life we've come to accept as a waste of time.

A figment of something else's imagination.

But in all honesty, life and time are just illusions

and concepts made by humans and animals to make ourselves feel


and give us a feeling of control.

We are nothing.

But we are amazing.

We are meaningless

but we are fascinating.

We are boring

but we are the most amazing things we know.

We are alive.

We breathe.

We live.

We love.

We hate.

And we learn.

We already know so much as a species.

We know so much as a whole.

The universe had an infinite amount of possibilities for an infinite amount of questions.

But here we are

The universe is infinite

We are infinite.

We will all die someday

But I believe there will be something,

if not ourselves that saves us from death.

Save us from not existing in our hearts

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