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Things We Missed

What did you fall in love with?

Was it her shy smile

Her delicate laugh

His loud humor

The shy touches

The way he said your name

The way she held your hand

Her understanding

The familiarity

When we would talk for hours and hours on end

The sleep-overs at her house, holding

My fearlessness with him

My safety with her

The things we had in common

Our silly habits

The way she tucked her hair behind her ear

Her cutesy clothes

The way he grinned confidently

His soothing words

The way I took them for granted

When I thought I couldn't be happy

When I cut her off

And I stopped replying to him

No more shy glances in the hallway passing

No more late night conversations

And I regret it everyday

I regret the things I threw away

The things I let go

So, can you remember?

Can you remember what you loved first

Can you remember what you loved first before you let them go

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