Sexy for the Camera
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I was lying there. Under the bedsheet. Completely naked underneath, facing the bed. I let my chin rest on my hands as I looked up. He said "Something about the way your eyes look up towards me, gives me the chills."

Sexy for the Camera

I was lying there. Under the bedsheet. Completely naked underneath, facing the bed. I let my chin rest on my hands as I looked up.

He said "Something about the way your eyes look up towards me, gives me the chills."

Well the way you said that give me the chills I thought back. I kept my mouth shut as he clicked away from different angles. The background music helped me relax to a certain level.

The lighting was perfect. Like I had just woken up in that bed. The morning light in my eyes, excited for another quarantine day.

These were just the thoughts running through my head - me trying to remind myself that I did look beautiful. He was the one to ask me to model for him. So he sees something in me.

As this thoughts ran through my head I hadn't realised how close to me he had gotten.

I remembered the last time I had modelled for him. He had unbuttoned my shirt which I had totally freaked about in my head when the pictures had honestly turned out ok.

So I resolved to keep calm. This was just for fun. Nothing more. Might or might not give me an edge on insta. But I was the last person on this planet to care about insta.

If I really wanted my pictures out there I would need a manger to take care of a public account for me.

He was standing above me now, his legs on either side of me, holding the bedsheet in place so that I could barely move.

"I need to go get a low table to have more balance with the camera" he said. I was curious about this.

He returned with a narrow rectangular shaped small wooden table that had 2 flat legs to maintain its centre of gravity.

He started by keeping the table next to my head, and continuing to take pictures upside down.

"Is it ok if I put the table over your hips? I want to take the pictures from this angle." He questioned me without really waiting for a reply.

I nodded away and giggled a little, giving that amazing smile that people preach about.

He asked to part my legs so that he could keep his legs there and kneel on the table. He bent low as he clicked away, at my face. My breathing became shallow.

"Turn around and face me so that there aren't any shadows on your face" by now we had reached an understanding that I was pretty comfortable with him and that I would do anything he wanted me

to do. I turned around and pulled the bedsheet with me to keep my small round boobs covered. He stayed on top of me while I turned.

My hands couldn't reach below my butt, I felt the bedsheet lift even more towards my hip, feeling a llight breeze flow towards my vagina. I could feel the intesity between us...

The music becoming more and morse distant.

I moved around and did his job. I felt his fort along side thigh. I tried to keep a straight face but couldn't understand why I was being turned on.

He put his hand down, to put the bed sheet a bit lower to show my neck. His hand brushed against my cheek and my heart skipped a beat.

What was it about him? He's so much older than me.

Is it really just because this quarantine is getting to me and I haven't had sex in so long? I thought I was better at controlling myself?

This would be one of those sex stories that I would not be able to share with anyone. I won't be able to hold it in so why even make a story of it.

No I decided. I am not going to sleep with him. Stay in control. Don't be a hypocrite who preaches non stop about consent.

He put his hand down again, this time on my belly, he patted it. The bedsheet losend it's grip and shaped around my breasts defining the tits.

I put my hand in between my boobs for the next pose, thinking I would move the bedsheet to a more appropriate place, but I left as it was.

I stretches both my arms above me.

"Yes yes that's it" now your getting into it", he said encouraging me. Blind to the effect him and his camera was having over me.

He stepped closer, his toe on top of my clitoris with only the bedsheet in between our skin.

I arched my back as I tried to hide the pleasure.

He left suddenly. My vagina was left dry, and wanting. I tried to move the table but couldn't. He had put it in a way so that it couldn't move, I bent on my side to try to lower the bedsheet.

He came back and turned on a whole bunch of lights. He said " I want the next few pictures in yellow lighting if that's okay. I feel like it will suit your skin tone better.

" As before, I just nodded. I brought my knees up for a second to rest my back as he went about adjusting the lights. I felt like it looked like I was giving birth almost.

He returned and this time he gave me a yellow spongy ball with a cute smily face making it look like an emoji. It was an accessory to play with for the pictures. So that's what I did.

I got so engrossed with the ball that I didn't notice he had started clicking away with one hadn using the table to support the camera.

That's when I felt it. I didn't resist. I bet he could have smelt my went underwear from all around the house. It slid in with ease. I closed my eyes with pleasure. My lips parted - a sigh.

He started slow, but this was already driving me crazy. I was having multiple mini oragasms as he continued. I didn't know when he inserted another finger or another.

All I felt was the sweet sweet pleasure that coursed through my body. I was moaning heavily by now.

For brief moment my mind paused. Waaaaiiit when did this happen. Am I really ok with this? This is not what I signed up for? This exactly what I was warned against.

I opened my eyes hoping that seeing his face I would be able to come back to reality. But all I could see was the camera above me. The lights were blinding me.

But he wasn't holding the camera with his other hand either anymore. It was proped against a black block.

Put of nowhere his hand grabbed my left boob. He started with a grab md then his fingers went to my niples and worked their magic.

His fingers beat faster down there and I felt a wetness on my neck.

I forgot about camera, clicking away my pleasure.

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