Thoughts At Midnight
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The title says it all.

Thoughts At Midnight

By: B.C.

Tonight I lay awake Thinking about soul mates Is there such a thing? Or is it just a made-up fantasy.. It is so easy to sink into fairytales.. Yet it is so hard to face reality. So should I hope there’s someone who is made for me? Or let myself down easy and doubt so I won’t feel disappointed..when no one shows up?

Tonight I lay awake Thinking about the world.. Why people become so cruel? Why we kill each other? Why we let our planet slowly die?.. Why society has not gotten better? It’s gotten worse. Everything has gotten worse. And it’s crazy how so few of people realize it... Or maybe they just choose to ignore it.

Tonight I lay awake Thinking about all the people who I thought gave a damn about me.. But then I remembered They did not I remembered the toxic words that spilled from their mouth, The pretty little lies they told, The masks they all wore To lure me into believing they were amazing Just so that they could shove me onto the ground>

And tell me wake up This is reality This is a world full of more hate than love A world where every man is for themself A world where you have to always keep your guard up And protect that fragile heart of yours Because their are too many monsters Just waiting to crush you.

Will be continued..

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