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A short little story.

Writers Mind

by burniingaschs

On a day like any other

When leaves danced in the sky, my friend asked me: Just what goes on in your mind?

"What?" I asked, perplexed.

Because it was a rather puzzling question. "What goes on in my mind? Why ever would you ask? My mind works just like yours, as I'm sure you've already guessed."

"Not what I meant." My friend says with a grin,

Then points out the window, to the scenery we see from within. "Writers, artists and people of that kind, must see the same scenes as me but have a completely different picture in their minds."

"Well if you must know." I say, all sagely and wise.

"My mind works a lot better then yours, as I'm sure you realized." "That was uncalled for." My friend says with a pout. "Now please tell me, what is it really all about?"

"Then picture this." I answer, prepared to truly try.

"A writers mind is like a babbling brook that flows till the end of time, forever and ever, an endless process. It can be wonderful or annoying, it really just depends."

"Now imagine this." I continue, trying to fully describe.

"Its like a giant wasteland, where my thoughts and words are no longer mine. When all ideas elude me and I can't even make a rhyme."

"Wait, wait, wait." My friend says annoyed.

"Babbling brook? Giant wasteland? Your just pulling my leg aren't you?" "Not at all." I say in a way that may or may not have been sarcastic. "Your laughing at me aren't you?" "Not at all."

"Well." I say, ready to end the conversation.

"Since I've only ever had my mind, and I am not inclined to get into anyone's head, I don't know if they way I perceive things is so very different from how you do." "Well thanks I guess."

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