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... We must use word carefully


by burniingaschs


So beautiful, so sweet. If said in just the right way they make a wonderful melody.

With words, I could connect to you.

At that moment we first meet, at a time before I knew you, at a time you didn't know me. I could make that first connection, and our friendship could begin to be.

With words, I could get to know you.

My words could spin the tales, I could tell you all about myself, and you with me as well. We could speak of all our missions, the ones that succeeded or failed..

We could speak of all our dreams, of those thoughts we kept to ourselves.

With words, I could tell you.

About a world no ones ever seen. I could paint a picture, of those secrets that I keep. I could explain to you my wishes, I could share with you my doubts..

We could become so close together, we'd know each other inside and out.



So painful, so sweet. Able to lift you up... Or bring you to your knees.

With words, I could hurt you.

Like a finely sharpened blade, my words could cut through you. My words could bring you pain.

With words, I could lie to you.

I could trick you into belief. I could cause you so much suffering, with words so sickeningly sweet.

I could weave a careful web, trapping not only you but me.

With words, I could beg you.

To forgive me for what I've done. To allow me to show you, that I know I'm in the wrong. But I know that once I've hurt you, once I've used that blade...

Words are not so easily forgiven, though they're easy enough to say.

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