What's it like by the Seaside
What's it like by the Seaside sweatpantscoffee stories
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burniingaschsI love stories, games, and sleep. :)
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Hello, it's been awhile. A little over two months actually. I've been working on a book of mine and so I haven't been on here lately. But I really like Commaful and I enjoy writing things on here, so here I am. This is just me having fun, and wondering if I should go to the beach.

What's it like by the Seaside

by burniingaschs

People often go there, they do it again and again.

Is it something so wonderful? I'm curious but I've never been.

Is it warm? Is it cold? Does it depend on the seasons?

One day I'd like to go, but I haven't for many reasons.

I've been told many things, like it's beautiful and fun.

But I've also been told I'll dry up in the sun.

Will I be able to play and make sandcastles on the beach?

Or will the vast grains of sand burn up my feet?

Can I collect shells and see crabs by the seaside?

Or must I stay back once comes in high tide?

Should I swim in the sea or perhaps catch a wave?

Should I avoid jellyfish and just stay away?

I've heard many stories both good and bad.

I just want to know, is there much fun to be had?

One day I'll go, and see the sea.

And maybe it'll turn out to be a place I'd like to be.

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