What She Was to Me.
What She Was to Me. stories

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What She Was to Me.

by burniingaschs

She was one of a kind.

I'd never known anyone quite like her.

She got on my nerves.

She was the only one who always seemed to say the things that got under my skin.

She loved everything.

She had so much love and she was always so eager to share it.

She was beautiful.

Not the kind of superficial beauty that goes away with time, she was beautiful on the inside and anyone who knew her, knew of her beauty.

She loved me.

And gave me her love every day, even when I didn't give her mine.

She was precious to me.

I wasn't very good at expressing how I felt, but I knew she knew I loved her.

She was constant.

She was there when life became too much for me, and She may be the only reason I'm still here.

I didn't see it coming.

There was no sign, no warning, it was over before I even knew what happened.

She died....

And I couldn't help but wonder why.

She left me...

She didn't do it on purpose, but I still felt upset about her abrupt exit from my life.

It is impossible to explain the pain I feel.

There are no words for the feelings I have now that she is gone.

She wont be replaced.

There is no one who could ever replace her, and even if there was I wouldn't want them to. She will forever be a precious memory.

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